Scorpion Protective Coatings was born in the USA in 1996 - a family run business that over the decades has prided its self on creating the world’s toughest most durable polyurethane protective coating. The continual development of our Scorpion Coating products has created an extremely versatile polyurethane spray on liner that is perfectly suited for commercial and industrial applications. 
Originally the primary use of this polyurethane spray on was used as a truck bed liner, protecting against the formation of rust, scratches and general wear and tear. The picture on the right shows that even when the truck got dented the lining did not come apart from the truck body, providing last protection for the life of the truck. 
In 2004, Scorpion Coatings UK was established by Andy Mayers, who has over 25 years’ experience in the polyurethane industry. When Andy relocated back to England from South Africa he sought out a product which fit in to the UK market, and after a fact finding trip to the USA he acquired the training and expert knowledge to be the sole distributor of Scorpion Coatings into the UK and European market. 
Over the years Scorpion has braved the unknown and now actively engage within commercial, industrial and marine applications with brilliant success. Our Guys over in America have really pushed Scorpion and branched out into new market areas which have proven extremely successful! Below is a snap shot of the USA list of applicators; Trailers, Fire and Rescue Vehicles, Service Body, Marine, Aviation and Aerospace, Military, Residential and Commercial Construction, Heavy Equipment, Off-Road Vehicles and Equipment, Recreational Vehicles, Agricultural Equipment, Lawn and Garden Equipment among many more. 
Andy is based in Suffolk and this is the main hub of Scorpion Coatings UK, from here he runs the company, sprays trucks and also provides training for new dealers within the UK and Europe. Bringing Scorpion Coatings to you is not a problem, and we can easily arrange coming to you for any job no matter the size. 
Scorpion Coatings has been created to meet the needs of its customers and here the application of the product falls into 2 categories. 
1- You’re after a one off job that might simply require your truck bed to be sprayed, protecting it for the life of the vehicle and this sized job tends to only take half a day to complete. In 12 hrs the product is touch dry and in 24 hrs it’s completely functionally and it can go back to tackling any challenge you throw at it. 
2- You want to take on Scorpion Coatings yourself – becoming a member of the Scorpion Coatings family. With low set up costs Andy will provide you with all of the equipment you require, teaching you all about our specialised range of Scorpion Coating Products and providing you with on-going support when you qualify as a Scorpion Coatings Dealer. If you want to find out more about our dealership opportunities then click here. 
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