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Scorpion Coatings XO2 Product 
Scorpion Coatings provides a world class product that has been developed over the years to continually meet the demanding needs of the trucking industry. As a world-wide leader in spray on polyurethane coatings the XO2 product is our flagship product, perfectly combining durability, strength, weather resistance, UV protection, non-skid, rust protection and flexibility. 
We pride ourselves on the versatility of our XO2 product. It can be sprayed onto a huge variety of materials such as; metals, painted surfaces, fiberglass, concrete, wood and many more – you think of it and we will spray it! 
In addition to being able to spray it on anything, you can spray your Scorpion Coatings on how ever you want it; Colour, texture, thickness, gloss or satin and where exactly you want it sprayed. 
XO2 FR (Fire Retardant Formulation) 
We have developed our standard XO2 into a Fire Retardardant polyurethane XO2 FR- that contains a specialised Self-Extingushing characteristic. Our XO2 FR has been created to meet the high demands of the FAA's fire retardant standards and can be sprayed onto equipment, vehicles and any surfaces that require a fire retardant protective coating. 
XO2 ZBG (Zero Biological Growth Formulation) 
Scorpion XO2 Zero Biological Growth Formulation has an extra additive that creates an environemnt which prohibits the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew. Creating a Scorpion Protectivve coating that is ideally suited for inside Ambulances, bathing facilities and food storage/ transport purposes. Our XO2 ZBG has been designed with very few free carbons which limit the biological growth. 
Additional Equipment 
Prime Bond Cleaner 
8001 Adhesion Promoter 
DTM Etching Primer 
Mold Release 
Rubber Crumb 
Aluminium Oxide 
Metal Flakes 
EG570 Electric Spray Gun 
Large Volume Spray Gun 
Nylon Bristol Cup Brush 
Variable Speed Polisher 
Needle De-Scaler 
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